Galaxy Tab 10.1v And Galaxy S2 Proto Benchmarked

Samsung recently held a little event in Holland called Samsung Smart Living where we found ourselves fortunate enough to be able to attend. We interviewed the manager of the mobile division and did hands-ons with the Galaxy Tab 10.1v and the shiny new Galaxy S II. Because we all love benchmarks, we asked if we could do some testing of the devices.  Because they are cool like that, Samsung was kind enough to allow us.

Please keep in mind that these products are far from final, so the real worlds results may differ from these benchmarks, but they will give you a general impression. Both devices scored around 2200-2300 which isn’t terribly impressive considering the competition.  However, a few tweaks here and there should be enough to bump things up a bit for you high end types!

It’s worth noting that others have already found higher numbers when conducting the same test on the Galaxy S 2.  We’re not certain of the differences in these devices, if there are any.

Galaxy Tab 10.1:


Galaxy S II:

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