Grab a Smartphone Coaster for Your Android Phone

Where’s your Android phone at right now?  Chances are really good that your handset is just sitting there on the desk next to you or in your pocket while you read this from a computer or laptop. Why not do yourself a favor and pick up a Smartphone Coaster for the office?  The polished stainless-steel stands are sharp looking and have a minimalistic appeal which allows for them to complement environment.    

The stands only run $3.99 a piece and are well worth the money.  You know you secretly envy EVO 4G and Thunderbolt users because of their kickstand.  Well, drop a couple of box and get your own kickstand.  These have been around for a few months now, but now the manufacture has begun offering laser engraving!   Looking at the list of clients we see notable companies like MGM Grand,Ritz Carlton and the Mirage already buying and customizing these for clients and conference rooms.

The company who produces these stands, newPCgadgets, also offers tablet and laptop accessories so be sure to look around the site before completing your order!

Note that the laser engraving is only available in quantities of 100 or more, but the pricing is already discounted to as low as $3.49 each.

  • Foreverpurple

    I have a Thunderbolt and am completely annoyed that you can’t use the kick stand while the phone is plugged in. Total design fail on an otherwise fabulous phone. I’m ordering one of these!

  • karenburtond fudisen

    Okay so I really want a new phone. My dad’s work buys each person in my family a phone! What are some good ideas with these requirements.

  • Looks nice, but you can make a desk stand out of paper. It’s even cheaper than this stand 🙂 The printable template can be found here with folding instructions:

  • Anonymous

    I actually cutout a stress-relieving ball that was lying around with scissors and it works out perfectly. Made a little ridge on the bottom and the phone is not going anywhere with the natural non-slip material inside the ball. All for free!

    Note : Made for landscape only though

  • Mary Beth

    would be great for the office!

  • Elster Michael

    We put our logo on these and gave them out as promotional giveaways. Our customers LOVED them

  • cj

    Actually, I read most of my rss blog feeds on my phone. Pass!