HTC Sense 3.0 Will Only Run on Latest Devices

HTC confirmed yesterday that their latest version of Sense UI will only run on the company’s latest devices.  When we say latest, we mean the brand spankin’ new stuff like the Flyer, EVO 3D, and Sensation 4G.  As to why, HTC says that the existing devices don’t have what it takes to support all aspects of the custom UI.  We can hear some of you complaining already.  Not to worry though as we’re sure many of the features will make their way to custom ROMs and modifications/widgets.  Might we suggest HTC breaks out some of these pieces and parts and release them on their website or through the Android Market?

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    Does any one even like sense?

  • Bryancruzdr

    does anyone still like sense??… i personaly think it gets in the way of things..