Millennial Media Report Shows Verizon iPhone’s Impact on Android

Since the first whispers of a Verizon iPhone began, the question on many Android enthusiast’s minds was what kind of impact the handset could have.  Would it stop Android’s growth in its tracks, changing the game all over again?  Millennial Media’s latest report addresses this topic, providing some of the first insight into the newly changed battle of mobile platforms.  

Key findings in the March 2011 report:

  • Android maintained its spot at leading (48% impression share) smart phone OS for the 4th consecutive month .
  • 14 of the current top 20 devices run Android.
  • Regarding app revenue by platform, Android’s 36% share trails Apple who maintains a 47% share.
  • The HTC EVO 4G is the top Android phone, trailing behind the iPhone and BlackBerry Curve in overall devices.
  • Apple’s iOS grew 11% month-over-month, gaining ground on Android
  • Devices such as tablets (Galaxy Tab, iPad) jumped 21% month-over-month, accounting for 17% of all device impression shares.

So, yes the Verizon Apple phone has had an impact on Android.  As expected, there were plenty of people who waited and bought one.  With an iPhone 5 anticipated this summer, things could get interesting soon.  We’re curious as to how many people will consider the Apple device over the onslaught of Android choices.

  • skippy

    You can wager that the other two major providers will use the opportunity to beat up Sprint. It had better be “3D and Beyond”