Samsung Galaxy S2 Benchmark Results in 3000+ on Quadrant

When Samsung launched the Galaxy S last year, it was known as one of the fastest phone available. The blazing fast 1 GHz Hummingbird processor blew everyone away, and the phone is still rocking the show. Now the successor of the phone is out, which was announced by Samsung at MWC this year and it’s known as Samsung Galaxy S2. Samsung Galaxy S2 seems to be an amazing and lightning fast device, and a Quadrant benchmark is proving it. The image above is actually an image of Quadrant benchmark test running on Galaxy S2, and you can see that it’s achieving a mind blowing score of 3,053, which is I think the highest score ever achieved on Quadrant.

As it’s a dual-core phone, so there is no comparison of this phone with single-core phones. But if you compare it with LG Optimus 2x, the Galaxy S2 is leading because Optimus 2x score is 2,958. That’s close but still not as high as this score.

The image was posted on Twitter by Eldar Murtazin. Galaxy S2 is running on Exynos 1.2 GHz processor and Mali-400 MP GPU, but it’s possible that Eldar Murtazin’s Galaxy S2 is powered by nVidia Tegra 2 and ULP GeForce GPU.

Whatever processor the device is running on, it’s amazing, and I am pretty sure that this device will make a great breakthrough in the mobile market in few months. So who’s looking forward to Galaxy S2, anyone?

Source: PocketNow

Keep in mind that this is different than the results we found with our own testing just last week.  We don’t know for certain what differences, if any, are under the hood of these devices.

  • Worth noting is that the Galaxy S2 is running Gingerbread (2.3) while the Optimus 2X is still on Froyo (2.2), from what I’ve read Gingerbread should give a performance boost to dualcore devices.

  • Worth noting is that the Galaxy S2 is running Gingerbread (2.3) while the Optimus 2X is still on Froyo (2.2), from what I’ve read Gingerbread should give a performance boost to dualcore devices.

    • actually Honeycomb and ice cream sandwich will give the performance boost to Dual core phones.

      My N1 on Gingerbread barely went up in performance on Quadrant. 2.3.3 is really more of a UI overall than anything else.

      Man up the S2 is the best. 1 GB of RAM and 64 GBs max storage space blows all the other dual core phones out of the water.

      If there is updates trouble just run Cm7. Cm7 is faster speed wise than stock any how if you are really that concerned with performance

      • Anonymous

        64 gb max storage space. that’s 32 gb internal and 32 from SD. About time we had an android with that much internal storage.

        • Rev_ziggy

          I have the original Galaxy S which was a good start…16GB internal +32GB SD = 48GB total storage

    • Prolyfyk

      good point

  • I’m just glad to see my Nexus One still up there (though it’s always running out of memory)

  • Prolyfyk

    looks like an exciting addition to the android family. although personally i will be going with the G2x because not only is it vanilla android ( which means that it will be easy as hell to root and recieve super quick updates especially being “with”google) but it also includes radio bands supporting both at&t and tmobile making it a good choice if your a tmobile customer and you dont have the finances to upgrade phones everytime a new device ships

  • Miamigamefreak

    That crazy, I was thinking about getting the sensation but samsung you are doing some good persuading

  • Buddytine


  • Xcode

    anybody else contemplating getting this phone or the samsung infuse?

  • Hos

    Im pretty sure that says 3453???

  • 6spdtls

    higest quadrant i’d seen was over 3700.

  • Ed

     4,030 – LG Optimus 2X overclocked –

  • kzk

    i’ve tried mine,and the highest i got is 3521.

  • The difference between the O2X and GX2 scores are are so small as to be well within the margin for error. Also, without even overclocking, I’ve gotten my Tegra2 tablet (Notion Ink Adam) past 3300 so it’s actually not remarkable. So many things affect a Quadrant score (not just the CPU & GPU but also the filesystem, RAM, background processes, etc.) that I wouldn’t consider this a meaningful test of the processors or the phones.

  • kjls

    My o2x on cm7 gets 3100+ without overclocking. wonder what it would score at 1.2ghz like the s2…

  • Samuel 0986

    Samsung galaxy s2 have that score but show a screen shoot of the 3D test jeje. He have that score beacus he not show al the textuar of the imagen 3D and second look on youtube the comparation of the htc sensation vs samsung galaxy s2 and lg g2x and see the deferent betwen the 3 phone.

  • NSF

    Quadrant is a joke. i get anywhere from 3500 – 4500 on my Nexus S overclocked.

  • Wbo

    I get 4817 on 1,6ghz on my galaxy S2

  • Jagect

    5700 on my S2 with cyanogen and overclock to 1.6