Sony Ericsson Opens Website Aimed at Unlocking Devices

Sony Ericsson is making it easy for customers to unlock the bootloader for their handsets with the launch of a new website.  The company is now providing the necessary tools to unlock their smart phones, starting with the 2011 series of Xperia devices.  Should you count yourself among the lucky folks who own an Arc, Play, Neo, or Duo, you might want to check out the site.  Keep in mind that messing with your handset in this capacity could result in a less than favorable experience.  Sony Ericsson does a great job pointing this out on the website, mentioning right at the top that it could potentially void the warranty of your phone.


  • That’s nice for people buying new SE phones.

    What about people like me who bought their first Android phone (the Xperia X10) and are now stuck with outdated Android 2.1 on locked hardware with no further OEM updates?

    Never buying another SonyEricsson phone again 🙁