Call Delay Issue Plaguing Nexus One


Some Nexus One owners who rejoiced at getting Gingerbread in February have just weeks later begun griping about a bug in their phone’s version of Android 2.3.

Affected users report a 2-3 second delay after a phone call connects during which they can neither hear nor be heard by the person on the line. So far, over the course of  almost six weeks, more than fifty users have described the same issue on Google’s bug tracker for Android, and nearly 200 have starred the issue. Most are running stock Android 2.3.3, with a few running 2.3.3-based custom firmware.

With Gingerbread running on so few phones, it’s worth considering whether this is an issue with Gingerbread across the board or with the Nexus One’s specific build. No users in the bug tracker thread mention other models, but we did find references in various forums to the issue cropping up on the HTC Desire as well. We checked with a Nexus S owner as well as a Droid X owner who has flashed the recent Gingerbread build for that phone; neither had run into the issue.

So far, no Google employees have participated in the bug tracker thread. We reached out to Google for a comment, but have not heard back. With the Nexus One over a year old and no longer a flagship, it’s not clear how much attention the issue will receive.

In the mean time, those affected can try a third party app that claims to patch the problem. Unfortunately, Market reviews indicate the patch may not work consistently for everyone.

Nexus One and Desire owners, let us know in the comments if you’ve experienced this call delay issue and if so, how you are dealing with it.


  1. I have a rooted HTC Desire GSM with latest CM7. I just wait briefly before I start speaking. It’s annoying but I’ve become used to it meanwhile. Of course I hope that it’ll be fixed sooner than later.

  2. Both my wife and I are running CM7 on a Desire GSM and a Milestone, respectively, and neither one of us have experienced this issue.

  3. Both my wife and I are running CM7 on a Desire GSM and a Milestone, respectively, and neither one of us have experienced this issue.

  4. I have this problem too… I would say more like 1-2 seconds..and like Michael find yourself saying hello twice. I am learning to wait because you can almost hear the connection kick in…

  5. I have it too. Running RC3 of CM7, I was kinda hoping, this will go away with final release. I guess I’ll have to get used to this 🙁

  6. I get it too. I feel somewhat better knowing it’s a widespread issue for us Nexus One owners. Not a big deal though, By the time I “answer” the phone and actually say “Hi” it’s over the 1-2 second period anyway. Still, it would be nice to have a fix.

  7. I have a Nexus One running gingerbread and a Droid incredible one phone for work and one for personal they both have the delay issue. I think it is an Android problem.

  8. Until I read this I didn’t realize it was happening to me, but it explains a lot why I have to say hello about 3 times before anyone will talk to me lately.

  9. Like Capndan, I didn’t realize it was happening to me until I read this but I do have to wait a couple of second before I say hello.

  10. Have noticed it since the update, that and I had some keyboard issues and the screen going blank before and after calls, having to press power and sometimes even reboot. Nexus One owner running stock Android 2.3.3. Looks nice , but by far the flakiest version of android. 2.2.2 was rock solid.

  11. Had Gingerbread 2.3.3 on my Nexus one since February with no problems! My wife is running a nexus s with no problems…

  12. Been a problem on CM builds for some people, Dewonkificator works for me on CM7.
    Link posted further down the page by Geathan A.

  13. N1 CM7 … I have it too. Though I have also experienced my whole phone gettimg severely unresponsive since upgrading, so perhaps I have a different problem going on.

  14. Nexus one with stock 2.3.3. I did notice after the upgrade, I had to say hello 2 or 3 times before I get a response. Now I just wait 2 seconds before saying hello! This article confirmed my suspicion that gingerbread is responsible.

    Also random screen blanking issues after call or after tapping on a contact.

    Mis-recognition of touches sometimes, needing reboot.

    Touching the green call icon next to a contact name often results in a black screen.

    Many many flaky issues with gingerbread. Froyo was delightfully robust and a much more pleasing, detailed skin too compared to the black mess of gingerbread.

    • N1 here with stock Gingerbread as well. I have experienced the call delay also. But the most frustrating problem for me is the random screen blanking. The screen shows the wall paper with no other icons, widgets, etc. The phone basically becomes a brick with a nice wall paper. It is extremely frustrating when this happens, especially when you want to make a call or access some information in an hurry.

  15. Nexus One with CM7 RC4. I’ve been experiencing it in all the CM7 release candidates. Dewonkificator fixes the issue.

    Planning to do a full wipe and CM7 final install tonight. Hopefully, that will do the trick. If not, I’ll reinstall the utility. It’s a small price to pay for the most hackable and tweakable phone out there. 🙂

  16. I’m having this same issue on my HTC desire. Running the latest nightlies from CyanogenMod7. The same issue is there on my other phone which is a Nexus One(stock gingerbread).

  17. I too have a stock Nexus one and since updating to 2.3.3 I have to wait a few seconds to before anyone can hear me. It’s rather annoying.

  18. End up switching back to stock Gingerbread. Now no more delay.

    So the question is, is it CM7 or in general Gingerbread?

  19. If you’re having the call delay problem, especially on a device that is not the Nexus One, please star the issue here:

    This is a known bug with Gingerbread, that Google recently declined, saying it was “device specific” (to the Nexus One).

    However this problem is also being reportedly widely on the HTC Desire, as well as Samsung Galaxy devices. I have posted a new issue above and not attributed it to a specific device.

    Please comment and star this issue. And please specificy especially if your device is not the Nexus One, so that Google gets this message that this is a widespread Gingerbread bug, which has nothing to do with the device.


    • The Google employee following up on the call delay issue, in the Google support forums, is asking people to fill out the following form, to gather information about how people are affected and on what devices.