U.S. Cellular to Start Offering Pre-Paid Android Smart Phone

It was recently announced that U.S. Cellular will start offering Android smart phones available for their pre-paid service. Starting today, April 15th, U.S. Cellular is announcing new pre-paid data plans as well as two Android smart phones to kick off this new offering. The two phones will be the LG Optimus U and the LG Apex. These are two mid- level Android smart phones and just what we would expect to see for a pre-paid device. The LG Optimus U provides a 3.2″ capacitive touch screen and will run you $199.99. The LG Apex have similar specs although provides a full QWERTY keyboard, the LG Apex will run you $249.99. Since U.S. Cellular is announcing smart phones to their pre-paid service, they have come up with a two new pre-paid plans.

$60 per month without a contract will get you,

  • 450 Voice Minutes
  • Unlimited Text Messaging
  • 2 GB of Data

$70 per moth without a contract will get you,

  • Unlimited Voice Minuted
  • Unlimited Text Messaging
  • 2 GB of Data

Not only is U.S. Cellular a little late on the Android pre-paid trend, their price plans per month are very steep. If we take a look at Boost Mobile, offering the Samsung Prevail (similar quality Android smart phone) for $199.99 and an unlimited EVERYTHING (Voice, Text, Data) plan for $50, they make  block U.S. Cellular from your pre-paid options. Also worth noting is that US Cellular has a limited operational zone.

Source: Press Release

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