Droid X2 Video Claims Dual-Core Processor


It is still unofficial, but the Motorola Droid X2 has been caught again on camera. This time it is showing off the boot animation featuring the famous Droid Eye and proclaiming “Motorola Dual Core Technology,” which tells us the Droid X2 likely has a Tegra 2  processor like the Atrix 4G and Xoom. 

Obviously this could just be a Droid X running a custom boot animation and the GingerBlur ROM that some folks have on their Droid Xs and Droid 2s. Take a look and judge for yourself:


Source: Android Central

  • 0redspiral0

    It doesn’t look like there is a camera button there, maybe it’s just the angle of the shot. I believe the Droid X2 was rumored to be missing the dedicated camera button was it not?