Future Samsung Devices not to Have Locked Bootloaders!

Today is a good day for ROM flashers who intend to buy a new Samsung device. Supercurio’s source says that the future Samsung devices will not use a locked bootloader, unless if Google would require it specifically — which is a small chance. The same source says about the bootloader on tablets:

Tablets projects are still young, I don’t know about the bootloader plans for those devices.

So what does this all mean? It basically means that rooting and flashing on new Samsung devices will be as easy as it is now, because the bootloader doesn’t have to be cracked. Well secured bootloaders are almost impossible to crack, so let’s hope that this is all true. We asked supercurio how reliable this source is, and he answered:

@ThijsKoot I am as confident as I can be without testing it by myself. I cannot tell otherwise for me this kind source have always been true.

Please keep in mind that these are al just rumors at this point. Reliable rumors, though.

Source: @supercurio 1, 2, 3

  • If it IS true, I can add Samsung to my list of “companies who I want to buy devices from”, assuming they don’t actively appose custom ROMs in other ways.

  • 4G_Or_Not_4G

    This makes you wonder. If I do start using my phone as a credit card, I must know that it is secure. This makes me wonder about rooting my phone to get the latest and greatest version of Android. What needs to happen here is just like in Windows. It does not matter who I got my computer from, if a new version of Windows comes out, it is up to me if I choose to upgrade to the newer version and none of the vendors can or try to stop me…this should be the future of Android.

  • Anonymous

    What about the galaxy S II?

    • Thijs Koot

      The Galaxy S II is a future Samsung device, so it’s almost a certain it won’t have a locked bootloader — if the rumor is true.

  • aren’t we getting in galaxy s II or not

  • This is wonderful! I’ll definitely consider the newer unlocked Samsung Phones and Tablets now!

    This is as it should be. These devices are essentially computers and android is the OS. Windows has constant updates to fix bugs and security issues, and so does Android. Running a device with a non-current OS is asking to get compromised with a virus or other badware. Hopefully carriers realize this before their older Android phones get turned into a zombie botnet.