Remember the Days When 80MB was a Cavernous Hard Drive?

I sure do.  When my family bought our first computer, the dealer said that we would never need more than that 80MB, boy was he wrong!  As we enter the standard spec of a terrabyte of storage, the same analogy can be made to processors.  Back then, a 486 was FAST, now we use them as paper weights, or as things to play around with as we experiment and have some fun with old memories.  We are going to look at our mobile devices the same way as we look back at our old desktop systems.

Engadget is reporting today that there is a Samsung official that is promising the company will deliver a 2GHz dual core handset sometime in the future, with the chipset being available for sale in other devices so that you don’t necessarily have to buy the Samsung device to experience the speed.  This needs to be put firmly in the rumor column, as there is no named source nor collaborating source in the report.

If indeed this rumor is true, and this handset gets released, it is plausible to think that many people will have a handset that is more powerful than their computers located in their cubicles.  We will see what transpires, it will be interesting indeed to see if handsets really will achieve those speeds.  Of course, that would mean that there would really need to be an advance in battery life.  Here is to hoping!

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  1. Ken Pauley
    April 18, 15:28 Reply

    Gee thanks for making me feel OLD.

    *Comes from the days where dual floppys were awesome (less swapping yea!) and 20 MB HDDs were just a dream.

  2. DoctorZaius68
    April 18, 17:01 Reply

    LOL Ray…In 1985, I was using a Commodore 64 with a 1 megabyte floppy drive to run my BBS and I thought I was on top of the world!

  3. Peter Söderman
    April 18, 17:32 Reply

    And nvidia is said to release Tegra 3 Q4 this year, a quad core @ up to 1,5GHz.

    So why not dual core @2GHz..

    In the beginning of the 90s I bought my first HD a total monster with 40MB of space that I seem to remember I felt the need to partition. :)

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