Samsung Pushing Galaxy S2 “Realistic” Display


Not sure if you want to try this at home, but Samsung has released a cute 20 second video touting the “realistic” images that appear on it’s new Galaxy S2 devices.  The screen apparently is so realistic that a little girl decides to drop the handset in a fishbowl.  The commercial is designed to draw attention to the new Super AMOLED Plus screens, trying to convince people that the S2 is an upgrade to their current first gen Galaxy device.  Check out the video after the break.



  1. lrn2embed…

    As far as screens go, I think most of us are good on quality in terms of resolution, contrast, outdoor visibility and glass integrity. But what we need real bad is better battery efficiency. Since the battery juice people can’t seem to step their game up, screen drain is the second biggest front on this war against short battery life, then data transmission I suppose.

    Big fan.