T-Mobile Airing Pair of Sidekick 4G Commercials [VIDEO]

T-Mobile began airing a pair of new commercials centered around the new Sidekick 4G from Samsung.  Both feature a rapper telling us, and Carly, all about some of the things he does with his Sidekick 4G.  Each is short (30 seconds) but full of details, as you’ll see once you hit the break.



  • I like Carly in the pants better than the dresses

    • [email protected]

      It’s either one for me, she’s just not nice legs 😉

      • Nory82688sn

        I feel the same way lol

  • Michael S Lindner

    Check out more of the rapper (Witness) at http://www.facebook.com/witnesshiphop and at http://www.witnesshiphop.com

  • Mary Beth

    catchy although I suddenly feel old in that I was only able to retain about 1/4 of the features he mentioned. Guess I’m not the target demographic anymore! 🙂

  • Nassergamez

    I dont know if I want to be with a company that even considered joining forces with AT&T…..