Update on Nexus One Gingerbread Call Delay Issue

Recently we reported about an issue that people who own Nexus One’s and have upgraded to “Gingerbread” have been having with a 3 second or so delay in hearing or being heard when answering calls on their device.  People have been posting their issues in the Gingerbread issue tracker, but not getting much help.

Today, Google’s Dan Morrill weighed in and said that since the issue is device specific, it should be pursued in the Google Mobile Help Forum.  Certainly not what you were hoping to hear from Google first thing, as it feels like the issue is being shunted to a different department.

If you are having the issue, make sure to put your feedback in the Forum using the link above.  Frustrated yet?

  • Im pretty upset of the way Dan closed the issue after amounted over 200 new users when it was first reported here.

    • It’s frustrating but understandable: if they work specifically on the device-independent parts of Android, it makes sense that they wouldn’t be able to help with an issue that is device-dependent.

      • Anonymous

        For some reason 2.3.3 also stopped going out to the Nexus S, I know 2 other people and myself who have yet to get the update.

  • I’ve actually been having the same issue on my G2 running CM7. I don’t use the phone much, so it doesn’t bother me.

  • UbuntuMan

    I don’t know 😐 this is a strange one. I don’t have this issue with stock 2.3.3 but yet with CM7 I do.

  • A S

    N1 with stock Gingerbread here. I can live with the call delay issue. The most frustrating problem for me is the way the screen sometimes goes totally blank, displaying nothing but the wall paper. All icons, widgets, status bar, etc. are gone. No amount of touching or swiping helps. It can get extremely frustrating when you are trying to make a call or access some information in a hurry. At this point, your phone is nothing more than a brick with a nice wall paper.

    • Not a solution but using launcher pro as the default home the “Blank Screen” issue on my Nexus One is gone…
      Seems to be a specific issue of the default android Home Launcher related with the N1?!?

      • Cbursiek

        I have recently resorted to this same fix. Installed Launcher Pro and now the blank screen issue hasn’t been an issue since.

  • Anon

    N1 with stock v2.3.3., never rooted. I don`t have the call delay issue.
    But I do have the horrible blank screen issue that AS mentioned.
    That one definitely needs fixing. FAST!

  • lesterlock gandusen

    I have a new t-mobile phone (a nokia something) and there’s always a delay when I answer incoming calls.

  • literally frustrated what’s the solution

  • Please see: http://code.google.com/p/android/issues/detail?id=15297#c122

    It isn’t device specific at all.

  • Anonymous

    I’m not having this problem on my N1, but that response makes me absolutely furious. Anyone who’s posted on the Google Mobile “Help” Forum knows that it’s like shouting into a void. Google simply doesn’t pay attention to it. It’s insulting that a representative from Google would tell any sort of large group of users to go there, and clearly shows how little the guys at the top know about what’s going on with their company’s non-existent customer support. Despicable.

  • Cb474

    If you’re having the call delay problem, please star the issue here:


    Google recently declined this known Gingerbread bug, saying it was “device specific” (to the Nexus One).

    However this problem is also being reportedly widely on the HTC Desire, as well as Samsung Galaxy devices. I have posted a new issue above and not attributed it to a specific device.

    Please comment and star this issue. And please specificy especially if your device is not the Nexus One, so that Google gets this message that this is a widespread Gingerbread bug, which has nothing to do with the device.


    • cb47492

      The Google employee following up on the call delay issue, in the Google support forums, is asking people to fill out the following form, to gather information about how people are affected and on what devices.


  • Anonymous
  • Anonymous
  • Anon2

    Please star http://code.google.com/p/android/issues/detail?id=16230 if you are having this issue.

  • Scaliouette

    I went from loving the Nexus One to hating this thing. You hear me Google, I now hate this stupid device. $500 down the drain because of this update that cause my calls to fail and whats worse is the power on button doesn’t start the screen unless I pull the battery and restart the phone. It’s now completely useless.

    • Scaliouette

      I now need to buy a phone since I really can’t use this one. Anyone have ideas what I should buy? not an iPhone either.

  • nolamacdonalde hudgin

    i’m trying to understand if it was a firmware update or something internal, found a good deal for a nexus one on craigslist but i don’t want it to only work on EDGE.

  • yes i have the same issue

  • linuxfreak

    The answer to the oem rom problems is Cyanogen. And for other devices like Nook,Samsung ect.. there is Phiremod, Team Whiskey and the like. Just root,load,customize and go.
    My question is. Why should the manufacture of a phone be expected to keep supplying roms over a year after you bought it? The phone does what it was made to do at the time it was bought.They really don’t have to do anything more. Also, there are too many models,makes,chipsets and functions to involve the labor to create rom upgrades for every variation of a year old device that has been surpassed by newer models.

  • Ask4vjn

    my phone is dead after updating to 2.3.3.!! it does not start. now they tell me the lcd screen is faulty!

  • pete!

    i have been having the “blank screen” issue after upgrading to the gingerbread…its not just showing the wallpaper.. but its showing a black screen.. but still works like.. when some1 calls and i swipe it, it is able to answer the call… besides the black screen.. the touchscreen isn’t working well at times.. especially when the phone is charging or when i m holding it on certain sides.. its like when i touch the screen on the top… the bottom senses it…

    this needs to get fixed….!!

  • Anonymous

    and then… Nexus honeycomb


  • Sadas

    I have optimus one and i have the same problem with the delay, so it’s not a problem with only the nexus phone.