T-Mobile’s G-Slate Arrives April 20th with $529.99 Price Tag

T-Mobile‘s next Android tablet, the G-Slate, arrives tomorrow with an official price tag of $529.99 after two year contract and $100 mail-in rebate.  The carrier announced via twitter and their blog yesterday that the Honeycomb-powered tablet from LG hits stores and online on April 20th.  That gives you around 24 hours to scrape some of that income tax money together.  Hit the break to watch The LG Girl give you a rundown off all things G-Slate.


  • Lvdisturbed1

    $530 after rebate? Plus a 2 year contract? So thats $630 IF you are a new customer or IF you are eligible for an upgrade. Whats out of contract price? $830?

  • gad

    This is recipe for failure,trust me