Make free Skype-to-Skype calls and call phones at Skype’s great rates over Wi-Fi or 3G


Skype users rejoice!  Per Skype’s own security blog the privacy vulnerability for Android has been fixed.  But even more importantly, Skype has now added calling over 3G to the pure Skype app versus Verizon’s exclusive Skype Mobile.  So even though the minutes will still tick away on your precious monthly plan, at least you can make/take calls without getting that pesky “must turn WiFi off” notification.  The Skype update is in the Android Market now.

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    • Sam Herren
      April 20, 17:55 Reply

      I believe the only supported device is going to be the Verizon Thunderbolt for video. I wish it would’ve worked on my Samsung Galaxy Tab.

      • nportelli
        April 20, 17:56 Reply

        That is sad and a HUGE fail on Skypes account.

        • Sam Herren
          April 20, 20:12 Reply

          AGREED. Not sure why Skype is being greedy with their API. You’d think they’d want to be used everywhere no matter the platform. Funny that iOS and Verizon both struck deals w/ Skype. Insert conspiracy theory here…

  1. t_dimi
    April 20, 15:48 Reply

    video call with oovoo…. try!

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