SwiftKey Testing New Keyboard with Personalization Features


Swiftkey has begun testing a new version of their popular keyboard replacement application which is said to feature personalization options.  According to our source, the customization centers around how the app plays with Gmail, Facebook, and Twitter data.  As to how exactly this works remains a little cloudy but we’re interested in hearing more.  Other details in the latest Swiftkey update are said to focus on improving response times, battery optimization, and a bump in the prediction algorithm.  As soon as we can get our hands on more details we’ll pass them along!

Anyone out there playing with this yet?  Care to share the goods?

  • Reddog187

    Yeah, personalization is great. Erased what it has learned previous, and had it learn from my accounts and it is marvelous!

  • angermeans

    I am playing with the beta builds on my xoom and Thunderbolt and I really like them a lot

    • flatline5

      Was the beta for select Xoom owners I? wanted In but couldn’t find it.

  • They could just finally release the current beta already.

  • flatline5

    I sent them an email not so long ago about making custom themes, allowing us to choose our keyboard and letter colors. I love swift key but gingerbread keyboard looks soo sexy.