TeamDouche Achieves Recovery for the G2x

On the same day it hits T-Mobile stores, TeamDouche has already gotten a custom recovery image, ClockworkMod Recovery, running on the LG G2x.

Proof came in a photo tweeted by TD’s Chris Soyars.

That ClockwordMod Recovery is up and running means that G2x users should be able to use ROM Manager, and that TD is working on the G2x likely means we’ll see CyanogenMod support before too long.

  • Santosh_Sinha

    its very pleasant to have such a highly developed technology .the lg g2x technology can turn the market on fire with number of users able to use rom managers so that they can manage the memory of their mobile according to their covenience…….

  • bryan

    Cyanogen already has a G2x, he posted it on twitter. I assume that means CM7 will be forthcoming.