TV on the Android: CNN and HBO Apps for Android

Apparently it’s cable TV week for Android users, with CNN launching a smartphone app for Android to go along with their tablet-optimized app, and HBO announcing a streaming video app to launch in May.

CNN has had a tablet-optimized app for Honeycomb devices in the Market for a couple of months, but this week released a smartphone app the rest of the Android world can use. In addition to the news stories and video you expect, the free app features a customizable widget, breaking news alerts, live video feeds, CNN Radio, and the ability to tip off CNN about news you’re witnessing via iReport.


HBO used a YouTube video to tease an app called HBO Go for Android and iOS. The app will allow HBO subscribers to stream HBO’s entire library of shows and movies, and will launch on May 2.


  • Sounds pretty cool! Literally TV on the go. I love the concept that I don’t really need to rush home when my HBO show is on, or even an ongoing distressing live coverage over CNN.

  • that’s cool apps i literally need to view shows on HBO