Amazon Announces Library Lending for Kindle, Optimizes Android App for Honeycomb

Amazon has rolled out a new version of their Kindle application today, optimizing it for Honeycomb tablets.  Taking advantage of the fragments and split screen capabilities in Android3.0, the free reader app works much better on larger screens.  New details include enhanced work look-up, ability to pause and resume downloads, and of course bug fixes.  Look for v3.0.0.56 in the Android market today!

Yesterday saw Amazon announcing a new partnership with OverDrive to bring digital library book lending to your Kindle device and applications later this year.  This deal will see more than 11,000 local libraries participating, providing users with the ability to borrow library titles and even use WhisperSync notes in the margins.  There is no indication as to when this will roll out but we’re anxious to see what kind of titles are available.


  • Jake

    When I first heard this news I got all excited because I thought that Amazon was going to allow lending of ebooks purchased from Amazon, similar to the way Nook users can share ebooks. While this is good news, it’s not a big deal for me, because the Overdrive app and Aldiko app, both in the Android Market, already allow lending of ebooks through public libraries.

    I can’t wait for the Amazon’s Android tablet, rumored to be manufacturered by Samsung. I may not buy one, but it would help all of Android by giving it more exposure and marketshare.

    • Marc

      Isn’t ebook lending already a feature with the latest kindle? I thought that happened earlier this year.

      • They have a 14 day loan feature but it doesn’t appear to be on all books. Depends on the publisher. The library option is a great idea for Amazon because so many people are going to want the most popular books and a library only has 5-15 digital copies normally available. That leave over 100 waiting on some books. If you think like a consumer it’s obvious that once someone gets it in their head that they want something they will simply go out and get it. That means instead of waiting in line for 10 weeks a lot of readers will simply pay the $7.99 and start reading because they tried to get it from the library but got impatient. Good move Amazon.

  • Coachoster

    Neither the press release nor this brief explain what library lending means on a digital device. Any word on that?

    • Having done this with Overdrive on my Android, I can explain. Basically, the library itself buys n digital copies of whatever books it wants in its collection, much like a real library might. It then can lend these to library card holders for a given period (7 days is typical). So, for instance, in my case, I logon to Overdrive on my Android phone, select my local library from a list of member libraries belonging to Overdrive and use my library card number and a password (ask your library for a password). Once logged in, I can browse their collection and look for a title that can be lent immediately or put myself on a waiting list for titles that are already lent out to their max number.

      You can try this yourself if you have a PC, Mac, Android, Blackberry, Windows phone or iSomething. Visit

      All of these titles are protected with DRM, so copying them for use beyond the lending period is deliberately made difficult to do.

      Right now, Overdrive supports epub non-DRMed books and Adobe Digital Editions form for DRM. It would seem to me that they’ll be adding mobi and azw format likewise for Amazon.

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