Intel to Launch Honeycomb Powered Tablets Soon

Intel is the leading chip maker in the world, and they are always the first choice of a PC gamer or any other person who is looking forward to buy a new processor. While they have been a top name for PCs and laptops, they essentially have no presence in mobile.  Now, however,  it looks like they are about to give their full attention to Android tablets. According to CEO of Intel Paul S. Otellini, Intel has received Android Honeycomb code from Google and now they are working to port it to the x86 architecture. This means that in near future, we will see an Android Honeycomb tablet running on the Intel Oak Trail processor.

Intel processors are less power consuming which means more battery and fun. There are number of Intel laptops available in the market (I am using one right now), and the reason people go for Intel is that it eats less resources as compared to other chips. I am sure if a company launches Intel Oak Trail based tablet, then it will offer a great battery life, which is a big sticking point for us Android users. Anyone out there looking forward to Intel-based tablets?

Source: The Register

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  1. Mohammad Azimi
    April 21, 20:32 Reply

    I’m just as excited about Intel chips in Android devices as the next guy but this article is a JOKE.

    “Intel processors are less power consuming which means more battery and fun.”
    Take some time to provide your readers with details and actual numbers. I’m assuming since your article is about tablets you are comparing the Oak Trail processor to ARM based CPUs. The Atom Z670 has a TDP of 3 Watts whereas the A5 ARM CPU in the iPad 2 has a TDP around 0.5 Watts.

    “the reason people go for Intel is that it eats less resources as compared to other chips”
    Eats less resources? So the Atom CPU uses less system resources, i.e. CPU (itself), memory, etc as an ARM processor? Sorry, I don’t follow.

    • MikeMiketaylor00
      April 22, 06:14 Reply

      Thank you. I was hoping I wasn’t the only one who realized what a joke this article is.

        • Liam Welford
          April 25, 12:59 Reply

          Yeah article reads like it was written by a kid pretending he knows what he is talking about. Not the first time I have been seriously dissapointed in the writing on Android Guys.

    • Guest
      April 29, 21:37 Reply

      Man I thought it was more of an editorial and the poor guy gets jumped on. Anyway, Oak Trail is not just a processor, so comparing the TDP of an SOC to a single A5 CPU makes no sense.

  2. mnkyhead
    April 22, 00:33 Reply

    wow talk about an upgrade nightmare…

  3. Umair H. Peracha
    April 23, 06:51 Reply

    I am seriously looking forward to an Intel based Android Tablet. This is going to be a great combination

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