Review: Bury CC9060IQ Bluetooth Car Kit

When I first heard about the CC9060IQ Bury Bluetooth car-kit last month at CTIA I was extremely skeptical. I’ve tried out my fair share of Bluetooth devices and have always been left wanting. After almost a month with the CC9060IQ I’ve come to the conclusion that this is no ordinary Bluetooth car-kit.  It’s a feature packed device that seamlessly integrates your Android handset with your car’s audio system. Set-up is so easy that your flip-phone carrying grandma could figure it out, and using it is even easier. Here’s a breakdown of the features:

Calls & Text

You’ve got more than a few choices on making calls. You can enter the number on the touchscreen dial-pad, search your synced address book, speak the number you want to call, or use the voice-tag  to quickly dial a contact. The CC9060 will announce when you’ve got an incoming call and tell you who’s calling. “Would you like to accept?” Simply respond with a “yes” or “no.”

I was still doubtful. Will it be able to recognize my commands with heavy road noise? What if I want to roll the windows down? I tested the unit out in all conditions: blasting the AC, windows and sun roof open, highway, back roads – the CC9060IQ did not skip a beat.

Road trip with a fellow Android fanatic? Bury’s got you covered. You can connect two phones to the unit at a time. You won’t get all the bells and whistles when connecting the second phone (simple dial and accept) but hopefully the folks at Bury are working on that for future units.

Receive an important text message while you are driving? The CC9060 will read it to you. For now, the CC9060IQ is only able to read incoming Blackberry e-mails–another feature I’m hoping Bury is working on.

Stereo Bluetooth Music Streaming

What really makes the CC90670 stand out is its music streaming feature. Not only can you stream via Bluetooth from your handset but Bury also gives you a dedicated  music control screen where you are able to control volume as well as pause and advance tracks. I tested it out with Subsonic, Amazon MP3, and my stock music player. The CC9060’s music screen was able to control  them all.

I was extremely cynical that the sound quality was going to be mediocre at best. Maybe a cross between the tininess of my 10 year old Nokia 3650 and the garbled speakers on my 1-year-old daughter’s Fisher-Price keyboard. I was dead wrong. A discerning audiophile would be able to tell some difference between it and a CD or hardwired mp3 player, but I’m guessing that most wouldn’t even notice. The only thing that would clue you in would be some slight pauses due to slow data rates when streaming from subsonic or amazon.


The CC9060IQ is available online for as cheap as $250 plus shipping. That’s extremely reasonable given the myriad features and comparable devices.  If you’re like me and don’t like ripping your car’s dash open, you’re going to pay anywhere from $120 – $200 for professional installation. Well worth the total cost for the peace of mind of being completely hands-free. I highly recommend the CC9060IQ as a feature rich Bluetooth car-kit.