Rugged Casio Commando Leaked with Image and Specs

There are a lot of rugged phones available in market but when it comes to Android, there is only one phone you can call beautiful and rugged, and it’s known as the Motorola Defy. Now it looks like the Defy is not alone when it comes to rugged Android phones. Say hello to the  Casio G’zOne Commando, from Verizon Wireless. We first heard about this phone a few days ago in a leaked Vzw Spring roadmap. If you have a tough job, like working in an oil refinery or a construction company, then you need a phone which is reliable and strong enough to face any problem. Casio Commando is not good looking like the Defy but rugged devices are meant for work, not for beauty.

The Commando comes with Android 2.2, a 3.6-inch Gorilla glass display, 800 MHz processor, 512mb of RAM, a MicroSD Slot, and a 5 MP camera. The design of the device verifies that it’s made for some serious use, so if you are Bear Grylls fan and love adventures, then this device is the one for you.

So, who’s looking forward to buy this upcoming rugged phone from Verizon?

Source: PocketNow


  • What about the Motorola i1? I thought it was beautiful when it came out about a year ago now

  • opiate46

    That phone looks pretty cool to me, except for the Bing icon. That makes it look uglier.

  • Mrmessma

    Digging it, definitely getting it.
    After having nothing but indestructability from my Casio Boulder for the past 2 yr.
    Hope they don’t polish it too much since I like Android on the Moto Droid a lot.

  • Carrotjuice681

    Definitely going Commando

  • You can Casio Commando for $19.99 only