Telstra Wants in on Android, Launching Galaxy S II and XOOM Next Month?

Motorola is currently leading the Honeycomb race, thanks to their Motorola XOOM, and now it looks it’s landing in Australia, as Ausdroid is reporting that Telstra will be launching the Motorola XOOM in Australia next month. No word on the price at the moment, but I think the contract price will be similar to the one here in the States. Telstra is one of the leading mobile networks in Australia, which was formerly owned by Australian government. Their device line-up is very good, and they are offering a lot of great devices.

They are also planning to launch the Samsung Galaxy S II, which is at the moment one of the most anticipated smartphones. Bluetooth SIG has approved the Samsung Galaxy S II GT-i900T,and it’s also showing that the device will be available in Australia. Can you see T in front of the Galaxy S II model number? The T means that the device is headed to Telstra, in Australia. We’ll have to wait and see on this one. It’s rumored that it’s coming out next month, fingers crossed.

So, our Australian readers out there, are you excited about these two new devices that are coming your way?

Source: Unwired View

  • Correction: Telstra was “formerly” owned by the Australian Government. Slightly different meaning.
    Cheers from Oz

    • Asad

      Thanks 🙂

  • Very excited as mine is coming in the post from the UK on launch day (May 1st) for only $745 as opposed to the $900-$1000 Telstra and all the other locals will try to scam us for. Also, I won’t have to put up with pre-loaded carrier junk! WOOHOO! Super excited 😀

  • Joe

    Ditto Piers!
    terribly sorry, Telstra. 😉

  • John T

    Telstra aren’t the cheapest carrier but their coverage is superior. It would be good to see them getting a new Samsung Android phone first rather than see Optus go first as they did for the Galaxy S.Can’t wait for the need Samsung Galaxy Tabs to reach Aus!.

  • Interesting post. Thanks for it.