Bump 2.0 Adds New Features, Overhauls UI

Bump has been on Android for a while now, however we’ve always looked the our iOS counterpart with a little bit of jealousy.  Sure, it works on a fundamental level, but we know there are features missing.  Well, not any longer.  Bump 2.0 is out now and it adds a lot of the stuff we’ve been pining for.  In addition to a more reliable and speedier experience, the new version lets users continue to send pictures, apps, and messages long after you first connect with another Bump user.  This persistent connection works no matter where you are and provides instant notifications of new items!  Other details include the ability to send more than one item at a time (finally) and a new user experience replete with a great looking photo viewer.  Look for Bump 2.0 in the Android Market today – it’s free and runs on any device with 2.1 or higher!




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