CM7 Being Worked on for G2X

The word from the Cyanogenmod team is that CM7 is in active development right now, but the fact being that they have had the device for three days, there is a lot to be worked on before it is ready for public consumption.

Excitement about CM coming to the G2X was stoked when Cyanogen tweeted out a pic of his G2X running “bro-tips”, and further pushed with Chris Soyars tweeted out the image pictured to the left.

When asked for a quote, CM Team Member Arcee gave:

Major functionality is done, device-specific things are being worked on. Part of the differences between the G2x and the O2x come from the kernel, and LGE hasn’t released the source for the G2x yet, so we’re on hold until then”

Props need to go to Arcee, who is the lead dev for the Optimus 2X, which is the Euro version of the G2X.  Arcee did a lot of groundwork before the release of the G2X using the Optimus 2X as a starting point.  His work has made the current rapid timeline for the G2X possible.
DISCLAIMER:  The Team wants you to be excited about the work that is happening on this new device, but tweeting them like fools asking for ETA’s or updates is only going to slow things down.  Be encouraged by the fact that they have only had the device for three days, and have already made some progress forward.  More info on this as it develops.

  • Hoezak

    I hope cm7 for g2x works with wiimote