More Rumblings About an Amazon Android Tablet

By now, if you have been reading the tea leaves about the advances that Amazon has made in the Android ecosystem, you should be under the assumption that Amazon is working on an Android powered tablet.  It seems it is the industry worst kept secret, or rather, most talked about secret anyway. With the new Android app store, plus the streaming music and media for Android Amazon has launched, it makes sense that their next step is going to be to release an Android device of some sort like the Nook.

On Engadget today, there is an interesting article talking about some things Engadget Founder, Peter Rojas, is saying about the “secret” project:

It’s something of an open secret that Amazon is working on an Android tablet and I am 99 percent certain they are having Samsung build one for them.

An Amazon tablet, built by Samsung, running Android inside Amazon as a platform? Could this be the reason that Apple has finally decided to sue Samsung? No answers but conjecture for sure right now, but it certainly plausible. Why? Because it makes a lot of sense that this new Android device from Amazon could really give Apple a run for it’s money, literally.

It will be interesting to see what finally comes out of this, we should be looking forward to the prospect of a less expensive Android device that will have a lot of capability. What do you think?

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