Monitor your Kid’s Smart Phone via PhoneSheriff

According to a press release, Retina-X Studios has recently release PhoneSheriff. This mobile application spans its services across Android, BlackBerry, WP7, and iOS. PhoneSheriff is an application made for parents to view and monitor all of their child’s smart phone activity. When PhoneSheriff is installed on the child’s phone and the companion “control” application is installed on the parents phone, the parent can:

  • Restrict and Monitor Phone Calls
  • Restrict and Monitor Texts
  • Track the Phones Location via GPS
  • View Photos and Videos Taken from the Phones Camera

The idea of this application (besides keeping parent in-the-know about what their kids are doing) is to crack down on “Sexting” and “Cyber Bullying”. Witch the ability to view your kids photos and video, you can ensure they are not sending out anything explicit.

An addition that this application brings is high quality theft protection. If the smartphone is stolen, you can trace the phone vis GPS even if the thief has changed or removed the SIM card.

The PhoneSheriff service will cost in all about $50 per year (which you can purchase from If you are a parent, what are you views on this application? Will this relieve the stress and worry that your kids are making bad decisions on theirs phones? We would like to know, leave a comment below on your opinion of this new application/ service.

Source: PR Newswire


  • jbluther

    On Sprint I can locate all of my kids’ phones for $5 a month ($60 a year) and I can restrict calls, data, and texts independently for each phone from the Sprint website. This service seems to add some nice things like actually seeing the texts or pictures, but my kids still live in my house. I can review those things right on their phones if I really have to. I think this is a great service, but the price point seems a bit high. Especially in my case where my carrier provides most of these services already.

    • note: $60 a year to Sprint is more than $50 a year to PhoneSheriff… and PhoneSheriff offers more features than Sprint monitoring… even if suspicious texts have been deleted from the phone, your personal PhoneSheriff records will reveal all!

  • Loser

    This is just what I need to see if my wife is still flirting with her male coworkers behind my back. LOL (but crying inside)

  • Gwgarrett77

    I think parents who rely on physically checking their kids phones probably also think their teenage songs are only on suitable sights because they aren’t in the browsing history 😉

  • Gwgarrett77

    Sons not songs. My bad

  • PhoneSheriff also allows you to set curfews and time restraints on the cell phone. This software/service is cheaper (less than $5 USD a month) and more feature rich than what your cell phone service provider offers! Great find!

  • I wouldn’t want to monitor my daughter’s phone calls and texts. I trust her more than that.
    The ability to track GPS is nice, in case she’s in trouble, but that could be accomplished with Google Latitude, which is free.

    Of course, my daughter’s still too young to have a cell phone, so I’m speaking entirely theoretically here.

  • Jane

    There’s a similar app called “PhoneBeagle” ( Costs are the same but their remote interface is much much nicer and also available as an Android app, so you can check your kids while you’re on the move. They also have a free online demo….

  • YOU KNOW…..what was it like before we had the ability to do all this stuff: BEFORE CELL PHONES. Let kids live. Of course there are positive arguments for software like this, but cmon. I have a 14 yr old daughter with a cell phone and it comes down to good parenting, not monitoring continuously. Kids are going to rebel some……let them be to a point. GOODNESS GRACIOUS. 

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  • Pates

    I use (and love) WhereGuard (currently free)

  • Bum Bum

    Beware: I bought PhoneSheriff and when I was reading the users guide, I was made aware that the program would show on the phone’s settings in “apps”. Not very stealthy! The savvy phone user would know a new program had been installed, even though they say the app would have a different name. When I asked for a refund, I was told no, even though I never installed the program.

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