NOOK Color v1.2 Adds Support for Apps, Email, and More!

Barnes & Noble announced a large firmware update today for their popular NOOK Color, including Froyo and Adobe Flash support as well as other tablet-like options. As we’ve been anticipating for quite some time, the NOOK Color now has access to a select set of applications, a new email client, and enhanced NOOK books. Version 1.2 is rolling out now and will automatically hit your eReader over the coming weeks. Should you be the impatient type, you can manually grab the update from Barnes & Noble immediately.

We looked at the short list of apps offered by B&N and came away somewhat impressed. Although the list is short, the selection is from notable brands and do well to push the agenda forward. Already available today are Epicurious, Pulse, Springpad, my6sense, QuickOffice, and of course, Angry Birds. Many of these first titles make the NOOK Color feel more handy and convenient to have around the home office, library, and kitchen. We don’t expect to see a ton of games and content offered as this is designed to be an eReader first, with all these other options adding value on top.

The addition of an email client might be enough for some of you guys and gals out there and Barnes & Noble delivers a nice experience. The app works whenever you are connected over Wi-Fi and will allow for POP and IMAP from a variety of sources including Yahoo, Gmail, Hotmail, and AOL. Need some corporate email support? You’ll want to download the TouchDown app from their SHOP! It’s the same great application already found on Android phones and tablets around the world.

The list of features and enhancements is rather lengthy so we’ll defer it from here. Head to Barnes & Noble’s site for more details and video demos on each of the major improvements and additions.  As we see it, the NOOK Color is a twitter and Facebook client away from being the preferred Android tablet for a ton of folks.

  • The one app I wanted was QuickOffice — listed on the list, but apparently not available yet. Only the limited version. Sigh.

  • Palindrome121

    Wait a second, people. You’re excited because the new Nook firmware will let you run “more than 125 apps”? The Nook runs Android, and there are over 150,000 apps in the Android Catalog. What did we get? Not quite one tenth of one percent of the available apps! I am sorely disappointed. We don’t need another Steve (“for your own good”) Jobs telling us what software we can and can’t run on our own devices.

    While I would much prefer not to “root” my Nook, it takes about 5 minutes to do (for someone who knows how). Then bingo, virtually all of the 150,000 apps become available, and most of them work flawlessly.

    I would have no problem if B&N were to have a list of apps it “blesses.” But I have a serious problem with keeping the Nook this tightly closed.

  • linuxfreak

    I picked one these a few weeks back and had Phiremod’s build of Cyanogen 7 on it,synced and configured in less than 30 minutes. It is a awesome 1ghz Android tablet now for 250. The latest build has all the goodies working and all the Google apps are there. Market apps are synced with my N1 C7 included purchased. Bluetooth VKB virtual keyboard is working if within 1ft ! Tell the user agent in browser that it is a “linux or ie desktop” and it renders webpages in desktop style not mobile! You will love this tablet now and have it useful all day not just a book reader.