Review: Otter Box Commuter Case for Droid Incredible

Cell phones are great, but (for the most part) without a case, well, thats how people ruin them. Otter Box has come up with a great case that provides great protection, a solid feel, and keeps your phone looking nice and sleek. The “Commuter” series of cases from Otter Box are made up of 2 pieces, a hard plastic shell and a soft silicone inset protector. Between the two, the silicone provides protect from shock while the hard plastic keeps from cracking your phone. The case itself has silicone coverings for your headphone jack and your USB port. The volume rockers and sleep/ wake button is also covered by this silicone.


  • Light weight feel
  • Great protection
  • Sleek black design
  • Silicone port covers
  • Silicone button covers
  • Slim profile


  • The back of the case (on the plastic) is very slippery and I found the phone to drop out of my hands a couple times
  • The silicone on the top and bottom of the case was quite the little dust/ lint collector
  • The price, $35

As you can tell, the pros overpower the cons. The back of the case was slippery but i found after using it for a day or so, the back had a but more grip to it. For a final cost of $35 for the case as well as a screen protecter (comes included) is a bit high. Though the case had great protection, it was not worth $35. So, if you have the money this case is great, but if you do not have the money, you are not missing too much by going with a lower cost case.


You can purchase this case from

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  1. Land Of Awes
    April 25, 17:13 Reply

    I like to put a piece of clear mylar between my phone and the case to keep scratches off the camera lense.

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