New Gingerbread-Powered HTC Doubleshot Rumored for T-Mobile

PocketNow recently posted an image of the HTC Doubleshot’s user agent profile. What we can surmise from this image is that a new unannounced phone will run Android 2.3 Gingerbread, have a slide-out QWERTY keyboard, have a WVGA screen resolution (480×800), and run on T-Mobile‘s network.

PocketNow also mention this will be a 1.2 GHz (no specifications on number of cores) and will have a 6-plus megapixel camera. Lastly, the Doubleshot should have some HDR camera fuctionality and as the name predicts, “Doubleshot” may be refering to a 3-D camera. We are told that we’ll see this device in the end of July, sporting two color options.

Source: PocketNow


  • Jefferson

    T-Mobile getting all the good phones…just in time to be bought out by AT&T…damn!

  • The image watermark shows that it is stolen from
    I wonder if it is legal to post their image without any permission.
    Copy pasting articles needs no effort or money..easy journalism.