Lookout Mobile Security Throwing Party on Eve of Google IO; We Have 30 Tickets to Give Away!


Google I/O 2011 is but a few short weeks away, where we’ll get our annual glimpse into the future of Android and other Google development.  As many of you readers are also developers and enthusiasts, we know you’ll making the trip to San Francisco to get a first-hand look for yourself.  Should you happen to get into town a day early, you will no doubt want to join Lookout Mobile Security at an “iconic San Francisco art gallery*” for a party!  The festivities kick off at 8:00PM PST where guests will enjoy Le Truc’s famous pulled pork tacos, washed down by a cold beverage from Lookout’s favorite local microbrews (Big Daddy IPA, Anchor Steam,21st Amendment IPA).

As you saw in the headline, we have thirty tickets to give away to you guys and gals. Actually, that’s only half right as each ticket gets to bring a guest as well. So, really we have up to 60 spots to give away. And as if that weren’t enough chances to win, our AndroidGals are giving away another 30 sets of tickets too!


Leave a comment here with your Google IO predictions as they pertain to Android. What do you expect to see announced or demonstrated? You don’t have to be right to win, we’re just curious to see what you are thinking. We’ll grab 30 names and email addresses and pass them along to Lookout where they’ll be in touch. As this contest is for a select group of people attending Google IO, please indicate that you are attending in the comments. We’d love for anyone and everyone to share their guesses but we don’t want to award a prize to someone who isn’t even going. Please be fair, kids.  We’ll confirm your email address works and that you do intend to go on a first-come, first-serve basis!

*Lookout has not yet announced the name of the location but promises to do so in short order.


  1. GoogleTalk with Video for phones
    Android 2.4 or 2.3.4 (next version) released
    Android future (Ice Cream) previewed
    Music previewed (with spotify integration?)
    +1 / social big announcement
    google tv AOSP’d

    Going to I/O.
    Would love to win!


  2. GoogleTalk with Video for phones
    Android 2.4 or 2.3.4 (next version) released
    Android future (Ice Cream) previewed
    Music previewed (with spotify integration?)
    +1 / social big announcement
    google tv AOSP’d

    Going to I/O.
    Would love to win!


  3. I expect to see google music, the next version of android, and the new dev phone announced

    Going and would love to go to this party =]

  4. Everyone gets a tablet.
    Naturally Ice Cream Sandwich will be previewed.
    NFC payment demos will be set up around the Moscone Center.
    Many Apple burns will be administered.


  5. I’m going to Google I/O (all the way from Wisconsin) and would love to hit this party. I think we’ll be seeing google music, ice cream sandwich and we’ll get our choice of Nexus S phones (any carrier). I hope that it’s a tablet, but I’m going to be thrilled just to be there.

  6. Looking forward to picking the brains of other devs on some best practices. I would love a dev phone with NFC so that I can start working on some of those apps. Also, my chick is bugging me for a tablet, but I’m not shelling out $800 for her to check facebook. But I have some nice ideas for a tablet app, possibly integrated with Google TV.
    I’m going to the Dev BootCamp as well as I/O, so I’ll need something to do Tuesday night.

  7. My predicts:

    – Ice Cream a lot closer to release than previously thought.
    – Jelly Bean Sneak peek
    – Dev’s at Google I/O are offered a JOB @ GOOG.
    – Google shows us how to make Tablets more useful than expensive web browsers. Enterprise?
    – I got nothin’ else

  8. I’m going to IO! Can’t wait…

    My predictions:
    Google TV SDK
    Tablet/Honeycomb stuff
    Google Music

    This is my first time going, so I’m excited to see what all they talk about that I couldn’t even begin to imagine.

  9. I’ll be there for I/O. Can’t wait to join all the festivities.

    – Google Music (Finally!)
    – Next iteration of Gingerbread and Honeycomb
    – Steve Jobs bowing down to Andy

  10. I’ll be in town for Google I/O. My predictions are pretty similar to others:

    -Next releases of Android platform.
    -Google TV SDK / Market access.
    -Grab bag with phone, tablet, google tv, and $10k cash.

  11. I’ll be there (for the entire week actually) and I imagine we’ll see:

    -A Google TV “re-launch” with apps and more hardware partners.
    -Reveal that Ice Cream Sandwich will be the merger of Honeycomb and Gingerbread (and possibly Google TV).
    -Some neat things bridging the gap between Android and ChromeOS.
    -An NFC push that ties Google Offers, Latitude, Hotpot, and a number of business partnerships.
    -They might have an update to the 350k activations a day as well, but I don’t imagine it’ll hit 375 or 400 before then. (Unless the 350k they just announced was old data.)
    -Possibly an online Android emulator that eliminates some of the problems with the SDK one. (Similar to Amazon’s app demo emulator)

  12. I am going to Google I/O.

    I think they will be announcing a Google Music/Cloud Music service, Giving away a Nexus tablet, going deeper into the Apps for Google TV, and a lot of Honeycomb stuff.

    Cant wait to get there…

  13. I’ll be there at the conference. I’m interested to see what is going to be announced. I’m thinking the focus will be the tablet market. Probably announcement of the new Nexus tablet and some enhancements for the Google TV and Enhancements to Gingerbread and Honeycomb baseline.

  14. I’m attending I/O — I’m going to go out on a limb and say Google will announce this as the last all-in-one event; Android is too big not to have it’s own dedicated conference going forward. Have you looked at the Sandbox map lately? Android gets it’s own entire floor of the Moscone atrium (I think this means the pool tables are gone). It would be a shame if they ever cancelled another non-Android project due to “lack of interest” based even partly on I/O session attendance; the interested masses likely just couldn’t get their ticket among the Android crush! Oh yes, also a tablet giveaway and the official ChromeOS netbook “rental” announcement.

  15. I’m attending I/O and I think they will definitely announce video chat for Google Chat on Gingerbread devices and give a timeline for the release of this feature. I also think they’ll be talking more about Android and Chrome OS integration and possibly how Gingerbread and Honeycomb are going to coincide or even merge in the future. Google TV should be updated with some new features and possibly a next OS upgrade like eclair to froyo for example.

  16. I’d be pleased to join each and everyone there for fine refreshments and cool conversation. I don’t like to talk about subjects I’m not informed on (in), yet getting oh so close to the I/O and reading and following everything closely I’d like to believe a quad-core phone AND tablet are here and ready for our I/O viewing pleasure as well Honeycomb for phones, Ice Cream (naturally) and some Jelly Belly flavors.

    But knowing my record of speaking without the cold hard facts, I’d hope a couple or few wishes become reality.

    • Somebody contact me if you want the tickets I won the the bash…I had a sudden change of plans – father-in-law died – so if you want ’em reply to this note and I’ll send you the link your going to need. Thanks!

  17. I’m going. Whoot!

    I’m guessing there will be something free. A tablet is my thought.

    As for Android itself, I’m not expecting anything spectacular. Perhaps a little Ice Cream.

    Oh, and I’m hoping they fixed the massive Android session overcrowding problem from last year.

  18. I would love to see more of this Android TV and what Google’s standard for what goes into a Tablet. I have a Nexus One and I wouldn’t pass it up for any of the new phones. I also want to see what’s coming up in Google Maps 🙂

    I will be attending but I would love to see if I can bring a guest(s) More Google love!

  19. My best guess: Free Nexus S 4g and/or free android tablet.
    New announcements: better videochat integration, new version of gingerbread, more NFC partners.

  20. My best guess: Free Nexus S 4g and/or free android tablet.
    New announcements: better videochat integration, new version of gingerbread, more NFC partner.
    I’m hoping on this, cuz im staying with my grandfather in the city, and this’d be an awesome grandfather/grandson event.

  21. My Prediction for Google I/O giveaway: A tablet, possibly the XOOM. And a Nexus S for a phone if any. This was given away at GDC, so they may already have a deal for more. Unfortunately, I was not at GDC….

  22. I think the secret announcement will be an updated version of App Inventor – they are dedicated to bringing Android coding to the masses (well, to the masses who care. Completed Chrome OS, Honeycomb refinements and Google Music announcements are also likely.

  23. I’ll go with the Nexus tablet announcement. Android tablets seem to be struggling, and this should help out.

    What I’d like to see? Good support for non-Java JVM languages on Android. Scala and JRuby, in particular.

  24. I am also attending I/O. I would like to think they will touch upon Android 2.3.4 and the possible capability of having video chat integrated in Google Voice. I also predict a huge topic being tablets. They are all the rave this year coming at us left and right. Nexus Tablet anyone? While it wouldn’t hurt to touch on Google TV, I look forward to hearing more about Chrome OS.

    I also predict huge talk on Ice Cream Sandwich and what lies ahead for the future of Android.

    Cheers! 🙂

  25. I’ll be there. Can’t wait! The only thing that could make it better is some pulled pork 🙂

    Unlikely Predictions:
    Nexus M (from Motorola)
    Android Developer Challenge 3
    Google Docs for Android
    Twitter for Android source code (finally) open-sourced

    Likely Predictions:
    Android Ice Cream demoed and release date announced
    Google TV 2.0 with Market and API
    Video Chat on Talk app for Gingerbread
    Android Market gets Movies and Music

  26. Im attending Google IO, Can’t Wait!! Well my prediction’s for this years IO are first and for most the Music Service, the will most definatly be show casing that, as well as IceCream. They will also mention video calls in GingerBread….

  27. Im attending Google IO, Can’t Wait!! Well my prediction’s for this years IO are first and for most the Music Service, the will most definatly be show casing that, as well as IceCream. They will also mention video calls in GingerBread….

  28. I am attending my first io this year. Predictions are ice cream, music streaming, video chat, google TV and getting devs amped for tablets (probably a. Google experience tablet up for grabs as well).

  29. I managed to get a ticket and I’m new to Android (hope to get one as a welcome gift!)- here are my predictions for IO 2011…

    -Google TV discontinued (oh wait, there are some sessions scheduled…. well, maybe next year)*
    -No word about free gift yet…. but they will “+1” last year’s freebies
    -Android 2.3.4 with video calling
    -Lots of food
    -Google Me
    -Some reincarnation of Google Wave (inside of Google Me maybe?)
    -New HTC phone announced
    -Chrome OS

    *disclaimer: I’ve never used Google TV, but so far haven’t heard anyone raving about it. Also, my predictions were 92% based on pure speculation.

  30. I’m going to Google I/O

    I think they’ll be a big tablet push.
    Lots of talk about rich web applications.
    Android video chat.
    I’m a little nervous they won’t give anything away this year
    after the ticket rush this year.

  31. I’m going to google io, got really lucky! My predictions: there will be an in-app payment announcement for android, Google and Paypal will partner for a new payment option – don’t know what platform but I know they’ve been working closely, an updated and refreshed Honeycomb release that is the equivalent of iOS, ChromeOS will be delayed as they add more features to the crippleware, and Intel is going to announce some kind of tablet. Did I miss anything important?

  32. Im attending this year and its going to be my first. Im really looking forward as this year is all about tablets.
    I believe Android will be the biggest part of the show.
    Hoping for Android Cloud Music service to finally become official.
    Expecting Android 2.3.4 or Honeycomb for phones.
    NFC will become more clear and welcome partners.

    Good Luck everyone, hope to see you all there.

  33. I’ll be back at I/O once again this year and could not be more excited.

    I predict long lines at the registration tables this year where we will be kept cool with ice cream sandwiches while we take turns trying on the Android mascot costume and posing for a picture with a S. Jobs look-alike with a bad comb-over.
    Instead of a gift phone this year, we will all be asked to give a phone…which is cool because they are mostly past-gen iphones but nobody seems to want them and there’s not yet an app (for that) to make them an android or at the very least an iphone4.
    I also predict that there will be more women than men at this year’s I/O who will all receive Google tv boxes. As for the men, we will receive our customary short wait times for the washrooms and remote control units for the ladies’ new TVs.

    I can’t wait! See you all real soon!

  34. What I’m hoping at my first GoogleIO:

    * Google finally announces their music service
    * I would like to see Google TV taken a little seriously
    * Ice Cream!
    * Reboots of Arrested Development and Firefly (together would be hot)
    * And what is going to make this year’s IO so freakin’ special

    Less than 1,118,280 seconds until IO begins!!!

  35. I’ll be there! (not a prediction, a promise)

    Hidden NFC easter-eggs around the conference center (with prizes!)
    Pre-registration via android app.
    Android dance battle(I’ll get into the suit if I have to). That youtube dancing android was dope!

    Oh, and oodles of knowledge that I can’t wait to absorb!!

  36. My best guess: Free Nexus S 4g and/or free android tablet.
    New announcements: better videochat integration, new version of gingerbread, more NFC partner.
    I’m hoping on this, cuz im staying with my grandfather in the city, and this’d be an awesome grandfather/grandson event.

    edit: can’t figure out how to delete old posts, (I am Jmnbehar from before)… so i’m making a new one to proudly state that I am in fact attending Google IO 😀

  37. I will be at I/O again this year thanks to winning the SCVNGR contest last year for a free ticket!!!

    I expect this year we will hear about some mashup of android and google tv.
    I expect everyone will leave with a Nexus Tablet.
    I hope there is a phone too……EVO 3D would be great.

  38. I predict they will NOT be giving anything away, Chromium OS will be announced, and available for partners to use on their devices, however not available for general use yet. Google TV will increment a version, and include video chat. Google will announce Android was actually created by aliens. Here’s hoping they will announce 2.3.4 for the Nexus One

  39. I predict a preview of ice cream sandwich along with an updated honeycomb to be released.

    I will be attending Google IO and also expect them to serve ice cream sandwiches.

  40. I’m going to Google I/O. With the move in Honeycomb, I’m either predicting a tablet, or more likely, something like the CR48, which they’ve been peddling around more. Given the amount of talks about the web app store, the latter is probably more likely.

  41. Chrome OS will be out, bunch of NFC, video chat, some new APIs
    Gift: Free Nexus S on Sprint and or a Google Chrome laptop/netbook

    I will be going to Google IO, have my confirmed pass and flight/hotel booked. Thanks!

  42. Free Nexus 4g, and free tablet. Android 4.0 will be demoed but not out for at least a year

    I will be attending google io

  43. Aside the standard expectations, like updates on the status of google TV, honeycomb, improvements on existing goodies, I sort of expect the unveiling of some new software that will grant development privileges to the attendees of I/O… hopefully…

    Since it seems to be a theme to guess about the handouts, I don’t know what to expect there. On the one hand, they have given out some pretty nice gifts over the past years and those who went to GDC got a tablet and cr-48, so one would think I/O would get equal or better.
    On the other hand, idiots bought up tickets and sold them on ebay. Maybe it’s time for google to reset the kindness. Though they don’t seem to be vengeful, I would totally understand if we got nothing more than a pat on the back for attending I/O. I personally don’t really care since I am going to I/O with the hopes of early development opportunities on unreleased google software. That alone is worth more than a nexus phone.

    … also I want some pizza from Nizario’s. Castro special changed my life.

    (I am attending)

  44. I would love to Google I/O. I think Honeycomb leads to a tablet announcement or two. I would be surprised if the announcements did not mention “mobile” “local” and “social”. The real surprise will be if we’re really surprised! Did I say I’d love to be there?!

  45. I expect (hope!) they’ll be giving out a tablet (Xoom I expect), or possibly a ChromeOS notebook aswell as a 4G phone.

    I expect a Google TV “2” announcement, news about Android 4, promises about a stable 3.5.

    Yes, I will be attending Google I/O … can’t wait !