OfferedApp Trades Free Paid Apps in Exchange for Your Taking a Survey

Another application distribution store is getting traction today as announces their new internet-based model. What makes this one so different from the current crop of app stores?  There will be one title offered each day at no cost to users. While these would normally be paid applications in the Android Market, the deal of the day is free to anyone willing to fill out a survey. Yup – the only cost is your time and the risk of getting an occasional email solicitation or spam.  To be fair, we’re only speculating that this could happen.  We have no evidence yet to say that this is what they do in order to give you free software.  

OfferedApp’s selection promises to be the “hottest and best-selling paid mobile applications” with costs that normally range from 99¢ to $9.99 a pop. Developers get to keep the full revenue share and customers can come back tomorrow and do it all over again. Oh, the site also offers Apple and BlackBerry titles as well, not that you care.  Right?

“We are focused on providing simple offers and building trust with our customer base,” said Aaron Weitzman, Co-Founder of OfferedApp. “Our business model depends on users coming back to the site multiple times, so our advertisers are carefully selected to ensure the highest quality and best possible experience for users. Customers to the beta site have already given us extremely positive feedback, and we are confident this will continue with the official launch of”

If you think that OfferedApp would be facing an uphill battle and would likely not see any interest, you’d be surprised to learn they already have more than 20,000 beta users. We did a real informal survey among friends and family and we found that many of them would be willing to fill out surveys every day in exchange for free apps.

Any of you out there already in the beta group? What are your experiences?

  • Anonymous

    I like it! They need to have a deal for Words with Friends. I love the app, but am not willing to pay to get rid of the ads.

  • Anonymous

    Ill have to try this out.. Thanks for sharing it.

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  • Sirkabir

    I signed up and completed 3 different surveys but did not get the app. You guys should really check before posting some crap like this. I consider you guys good source of information.

  • it works i got pba bowling.

  • tammiegillesp gaga

    You need to find the service that best supports your needs first, then the app. If you have to, narrow it down to ones that support iPhone apps, then from them the ones with the best service/rates to suit your business. It is the service that has the fees/rates and such, not the app.

  • Anonymous

    Its a fantastic site and i have read it completely, its really so well written.

  • [email protected]

    Well I did it now I only hope that I don’t regret it…. it was a complete hassle to figure out, the app I got was lousy, 9 hole golf…. I think I will stick with amazon for the free apps.

  • it took me roughly 30 second to find it, thanks a ton.

  • Thushal V

    Offeredapp shut down their site… =(

  • it took me roughly few minute to get this post, thanks a ton.