Qik Video Connect Announced, Allows for Cross-OS Videochat

If you’re not familiar with Qik, their videochat client for Android is widely popular, and many manufacturers are preloading it onto newer Android devices that feature a front-facing camera. Qik has just announced via their blog that they’re releasing a new app: Qik Connect, already available on iOS. Qik Connect will give users the option to videochat across Android (2.1 – 2.3.3) and iOS devices.

Qik Connect is also the first videochat app that enables video mail. If you can’t get a stable enough connection to chat, you can send a video message to that person. Qik Connect also brings more sharing features, with Twitter, Facebook, and Youtube capabilities. Now you can share a video with your followers, Facebook friends, and subscribers, as well as post it to your blog.

Qik Connect brings a bunch of new and exciting features, so hurry up and start downloading it for your Android device by using the box below! Does anyone already have Qik Connect? What do you think about it? Sound off in the comments below!



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