Merchant Sales Reports on Android Market

Developers out there waiting to be able to track your merchant sales, wait no longer! Google has just release a feature for Android Market publishers to view more detailed information about their application sales. Some of the additional information now available per-transaction includes:

  • Device Information
  • Currency of Sale
  • Currency Conversion Rate

All these reports will be download-ready as a CSV file. In effect today, merchants can get these reports for sales in March, 2011. Google has also stated reports going back to January, 2010, will be available soon, with reports for future months available on the 10th of each month.

Source: Android Developers Blog


  • Ro

    Google’s Developer’s Console is terrible and has been this way for years.
    Regular outages, different sales counts in different reports (e.g. app list vs. stats), download issues and more.
    We, as developers, feel that Google does not care about its developers. Otherwise, we cannot explain why problems linger for years, and why there is never any response from Google staff on forms. Even with wide-spread issues.

    Just look at this “help” forum…

  • These are terrible handy for us, as we have just recently developed an app that we’d like to keep track of.