Motorola Prepping Keyboard Folio Case


Motorola looks to be ready to launch a keyboard folio case for their XOOM tablets, adding all new functionality to the device. From what we can surmise from the image at the left of this post, the case appears to house what may be a simple Bluetooth keyboard inside the leather case. Together the two should make for an experience similar to a netbook, but better. Because it’s Android. No indications as to what this might cost but a Motorola protective alone case runs about $35-$40 on a normal day.


  1. Its a nice idea for competition sake, but I bought my xoom to be a tablet. Actually, it will only compete if the added KB has extra functionality, if it doesn’t it is complete fail. Anyhow, why would anyone buy a tablet for net book purposes when you can buy a net book for cheaper than a tablet and get much improved specs in basically every way.

    I’m just confused why moto and google have not given the xoom more love to compete with ipad2, since it was quite obvious they were trying to compete and failed. Anyhow, I love my xoom and even my GF loves the xoom and she is an apple girl.