Chemical Cuisine Tells You All About That Garbage You Are Eating

See that snack you are eating right now?  Go ahead and turn the package over and look at the list of ingredients.  Pick any one of those nearly unpronounceable words and see if you can tell me what it does to the food or whether it’s good for you.  Oh, you have no idea?  Why don’t you do yourself a favor and cough up 99¢ for Chemical Cuisine so you can figure out what maltrodextrin is and  if you should be putting it in your body.

The Center for Science in the Public Interest (CSPI) recently released an application aimed at educating consumers as to all the additives, ingredients, and fillers that go into foods and drinks. Users have access to more than 130 different additives which are detailed and given a classification (safe, cut back, avoid, caution, and certain people should avoid). The app updates the database each time it launches with an internet connection however it is not needed to run. So, the next time you are on your morning commute, give yourself a real wake up call with Chemical Cuisine.


  • Porno

    CSPI is a left-wing think tank. I would not trust them for anything, especially not for .99 cents.

  • I’ve been wanting this kind of app for a while.