What is the Nexus Surprise from Google?

Today, the official Twitter account for the Google Nexus Phones has just tweeted out a rather vague post.

We have a surprise for you today. Stay tuned!

All we want to know is what could this mean? We already have a release date for the Nexus S 4G so that shouldn’t be it. There have been rumors of an AT&T Nexus device for some time now, perhaps this may be it.  But for all we know, Google could pull a 360 on us and announce a Tegra 3 Nexus 3 coming to every carrier (but this probably will not happen). We are patiently waiting for them to unveil the “surprise”. Stay tuned to AndroidGuys  for updates on the mysterious Nexus announcement.

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  1. Alex
    April 28, 20:56 Reply

    It’s video chat for Google Talk. Just revealed.

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