Shazam Offering Free Unlimited Tagging Through End of Year

Shazam is announcing their newest update to the free Shazam application; they have added unlimited song tags. With previous versions of Shazam users were limited to 5 free tags a month, but now with a Shazam account and Shazam Friends account, users receive unlimited tags until January 1st, 2012. How do they get away with this?  Simple, because Ebay is sponsoring it.

eBay is a brand people know and love, and we’re excited to announce them as our exclusive sponsor, bringing all Android Shazamers the benefit of unlimited music discovery. -Alex Musil, Executive Vice President of Product Marketing at Shazam

One requirement to obtain the free tagging service is to have Shazam Friends – a new service allowing you to view and publish tagged songs via Facebook. The integration is seamless and simple and doesn’t look to be intrusive. We have provided a link to download the free Shazam application as well as a link to Shazam’s website where you can register an account and setup the Shazam Friends service.

Shazam Online


Source: Press Release

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