HBO GO for Android Arrives Earlier Than Expected

If you have an HBO subscription and an Android phone, you will be happy to hear that HBO has released their HBO GO application in the Android market. It’s a free download but it does require a subscription.  We first expected to see this app arrive next week, but who are we to complain?  Keep in mind that only select subscribers of HBO are able to watch this as not all cable companies play nice with the Go service yet.  With this application you can watch all HBO movies, shows, and more from anywhere you have service with an Android phone(2.1-2.3.3). Create a watch list from your desktop and take it with you so that you can revisit your favorite episodes of Curb Your Enthusiasm while on that morning commute.

Now that this application is out, are you excited? Leave a comment below or on our Facebook wall with your favorite reason for getting HBO GO.



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  1. Alidas50
    April 29, 18:02 Reply

    When will this be available for Xoom?

  2. Almahix
    April 29, 20:36 Reply

    It is actually HBO NO-GO for early adopters. It will not run on the Original Droid. We, who have made it revenue-worthy to develop for Android cannot enjoy the fruits of our dollars until our original contracts are satisfied and we can purchase newer phones at reasonable prices. I can’t wait until July, but I haven’t seen anything announced thus far by Verizon that is worth the upgrade cost. They better get real busy real quick or a bunch of us will look at other carriers with more powerful handsets. Verizon, there is no carrier loyalty anymore. Best toys draw the most customers! (Really sorry to get off topic…but I am sure I am not the only one thinking this.)

  3. Omer7979
    April 30, 00:59 Reply

    I think I’m going to like this… works great on G2, love the season pass feature. No more missing Entourage or Treme…

  4. Edgar Gomez
    April 30, 01:42 Reply

    I works great on Samsucks Vibrant. Setup was easy. Video is good. Im on wifi so o havent tested with 3g yet. THANK HBO

  5. Danielle Royster
    May 03, 19:44 Reply

    It’s great that HBOGo is now available on mobile devices so people can continue to get the best value possible. I know Verizon allows it’s customers to access it but they have to be connected to Verizon’s internet which I don’t think is fair. I know Verizon charges $6 per each receiver in someones home and $16 per month for a standard DVR. That’s a huge difference from the provider I have now. I actually work and subscribe to DISH Network and I use the Sling Adapter in conjunction with the DISH Remote Access app so I can watch live and pre-recorded shows and I don’t even have to be at home. Not only can I watch HBO but all of the other premiums that I subscribe to in my package. I love it and I am always recommending that people check out DISH Network and experience a value unseen by any other provider.


  6. margar
    May 04, 16:46 Reply

    Google hbo go and droid. There is a comment on one of the sites (don’t want to post it myself) that works as a workaround. it involves invoking the airplane mode. seems like it might be a software glitch that should be solveable. Regardless of the inconvenience, the workaround works for now.

  7. Sookie
    June 08, 20:16 Reply

    I have Stupid Time Warner So i dont even have access to this app. How can I get my cable service to play nice and allow me this program since I do pay for HBO!

  8. Sookie
    June 08, 20:16 Reply

    I have Stupid Time Warner So i dont even have access to this app. How can I get my cable service to play nice and allow me this program since I do pay for HBO!

  9. AVIPproduction
    July 10, 21:33 Reply

    Why does it not work with Time Warner, when HBOs parent company is Time Warner??? Do you know Droid Guys?

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