LG Ally 2.2.2 Update Rolling Out

Well if you still use an LG Ally, Verizon is rolling out a software update to Android 2.2.2. In the update is really nothing major, but it just shows that Verizon and LG haven’t dropped the LG Ally off their update list yet.The only thing strange about this update is that it will require you to download the LG Update Utility from the Android market; you should receive a text message like the one above to download the application. The update fixes SMS issues, iHeartradio issues, and other minor issues listed in the change log below. This is probably one of the last updates coming to the LG Ally because a Gingerbread (2.3) update does not look too bright for this phone.

Source: Droid-Life



  • Shane95670

    hopefully this update doesnt lag thee phone anymore than it already does… even tho im happy that it got froyo, and switched back from the htc eris that did not, i just dont think that the software was able to habdle it.

    • Shane95670


    • Drewnoclue

      It seems to make it less slugish than 2.2.1

      You can get the update early by using the LG update tool on the pc. I’m not rooted so I don’t know if this update will effect a rooted ally.

  • Jose

    Thank God I speak spanish…. What a waste of bandwidth….

  • Gsnizzle

    how do u get Dillo Hills

  • Fallout Addict

    Ok I was just about to call someone on my Ally, all of a sudden the screen went black and just said “Android”, whenever this happens it usually updates the phone and its over in about 5 minutes, but this has been over 8 hours, any help?