Motorola Atrix 4G Lapdock to get Price Drop

The Motorola Atrix 4G is not only a beast of a phone, it also comes with one of the most unique accessory that I have seen, of course I am talking about the Lapdock. The Lapdock essentially turns your Atrix 4G into a laptop and uses the Atrix 4G’s dual core processor to power it. Well, the dock originally retailed for $399, but with a recently leaked image from Android Central, the price will be dropping May 1st to $299. With this price drop, you can now get the Atrix 4G (with a new 2yr contract) and the Lapdock for only $400 ($100 is subtracted when you purchase the bundle). So, is this price good for you? I personally think it’s a bit high and a $199 price point would feel a bit better.

Purchase the LapDock Here

Source: AndroidCentral


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  1. Pitt Daddy
    July 27, 21:26 Reply

    AT&T is currently (7/27) selling the Lapdock on their website for $299 with a $100 rebate card (net price $199). You still, however, have to get the $45 tethering plan.

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