Review: ClearSuit Protector from Body Glove

Cases are great, but most of the time people just want to protect from scratches without adding any bulk to their phones. That’s where full body screen protectors come in. A full body screen protector is just what it sounds like, it’s a screen protector that covers your entire phone, doesn’t add bulk, and keeps your phone scratch free. Many companies provide their own version and Body Glove’s is named the ClearSuit. For just $25 you can get a ClearSuit protector and keep your phone scratch free.


  • Scratch Free
  • Clear
  • Barley Noticeable (when the screen is on)


  • Very Difficult to Apply
  • Air Bubbles will NOT come out
  • Will not fit into hard cover cases
  • Price (If you applied the case wrong)

Overall, this case is a real pain to apply but if done correct, you can obtain great results. I am just happy this was a product for review because I would have been very frustrated is I had purchased this because of how hard it was to apply. Before buying this, consider the following: Are you going to use a hard cover case? As you good with applying stickers into precise areas? If you answered no to either of these, this product is not for you. Please watch the video below to see what happens when you apply the ClearSuit wrong as well as a more detailed look at the product.

Purchase HERE for $25 (Droid Incredible Version)



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  1. Jason Cronbaugh
    April 29, 16:11 Reply

    The problem with this product is the fact that it is identical to similar products such as BodyGuardz and Invisible Shield, EXCEPT BodyGlove says you can apply it without any messy liquids. The fact is, doing this without liquid is practically impossible.
    Instead, I made up my own liquid using water and baby shampoo, and followed the technique I had used with the BodyGuardz screen protectors in the past to apply the BodyGlove protector, and it worked like a charm.
    So, really, you are better off just going with BodyGuardz or Zagg Invisible Shield (which I have not personally used, but I hear it’s identical to the BodyGuardz).

    • Autoverse
      May 01, 02:03 Reply

      Good tip. I worked (for a day) with a glass specialist to get tinting put in a picture window at the museum I used to work in (to block UV light). We just mixed soap and water and squeegied out the excess and it resulted in picture perfect windows. Zagg’s product uses the same technique. A tip:

      Consider getting a straight razor blade to clean the glass on your phone. This is only for if you have glass on your phone (not plastic). This will get off micro-particles of dust that will form small, annoying bubbles on the display. Just put the blade down at about a 45 degree angle and scrape away from the tip of the blade. Then use the wipes/cleaner to “wash” the screen and you should expect perfection.

  2. Kawaski47
    April 30, 15:06 Reply

    Just get it from 10 bucks for the whole skin and it is awesome quality.

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