Acer Iconia Tab to be Sold at Target?

Image Credit: Android Central


It is certainly a sign that tablet computing is getting be a deep part of culture when we see penetration into retail department stores.  We may have a sign of that from our friends over at Android Central.  They received a tip from on of their readers consisting of an image of an Acer Iconia Tab box, labeled with a Target non-retail sticker.  Upon further inspection, you can make a possible sale date of May 15th off the sticker.  There is no other info as far as pricing or which retail stores are going to get the units.  More info as it becomes available!

  • Anonymous

    It looks like online, the Asus Transformer on Amazon is being sold by Target too…

  • Scea67

    Go get one everybody this is the best tablet on the market!!! I love mine!!!