Are AT&T and Samsung Announcing Nexus S May 5th?

We just got an invitation from Samsung to attend a New York event later this week where they are planning a  “special announcement”.  We didn’t have to scratch our heads very long before we figured that this will be the unveiling of the AT&T-branded Nexus S.  Given the recent FCC findings and white phones beginning to sneak out, we’re betting heavily that this is Ma Bell’s way of announcing a Pure Google phone.  Anyone have any other ideas as to what it could be?


  • Could be the Infuse…

  • Hmm, all the other Nexus phone events/announcements I remember have come straight from the Goog. I’ll put my money on it being something else…tho I don’t know what…

  • Anonymous

    Yeah, I would think it was the infuse considering this is about the time it was supposed to be launched, maybe well get both? Lol that would be nice but would never happen.

  • Monels11

    I hope it’s an AT&T branded Galaxy S2.

  • No, this is the Infuse, if it were the Nexus S Google would announce it, not Samsung.

  • Samsung i997 Infuse 4G ….lol nexus s att? how would they put all their crapware on it?

  • Superman366

    They already have a Nexus S that runs on AT&T’s network but it’s unsubsidized at $600. I doubt AT&T would launch one because they don’t want free tethering and the ability to install non-market apps. Although if they have by a miracle subsidized it I would definitely hop back on AT&T contract after letting it expire with my Nexus One haha