HTC Thunderbolt Getting Software Update

HTC Thunderbolt owners should be on the lookout for a software update notification over the next few days.  There’s nothing major to report aside from the ability to toggle between 4G LTE and 3G and a faster, more accurate GPS signal.  Plenty of users found out last week just how handy it is to have a 3G network as a backup for times when the 4G LTE fails.  Of course, that would never happen again.  Right Verizon?

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  • Byork83

    As always, thanks for being the last site on the entire internet to post this. Android guys is always days behind everyone.

    • Anonymous

      And thanks for being the first troll to reply! We can suggest many other Android sites out there for you should you need help in finding a new one to visit. Our post still beat the Verizon announcement!/VZWSupport/status/65448022988963840 anyways. Our site is not about breaking news, it’s more for current Android users to get the most out of their phones. Feel free to go elsewhere and be petty.

  • Garyg6811

    I hope the new software will correct the issue with the poor audio sound when recording on video mode.

  • maxnicks

    Trolls are dorks. “Android Guys” ore the first with the news as often as not. Pretty much the same as everybody else. Thanks for your work “Android Guys!”

  • Albotz

    thanks for letting us know the startac just came out