Nexus One Getting 2.3.4 Now, No GTalk Video Chat

Well, it looks like you Nexus One users are finally getting some love from Google, in the form of Android v2.3.4. This is the same update that was pushed out to the Nexus S, minus the videochat capabilities within GTalk, since the N1 lacks a front-facing camera. Bummer. Furthermore, it seems as though Google also decided to leave out voice calls within GTalk. So, this update is essentially just bug fixes.

Of course, you’ll be able to shove your Nexus One in your friends’ faces and say “I have 2.3.4. Do you?”, and that’s always a plus. If you have patience, you can wait for the OTA to hit your N1 within the next few days. If you’re like me and have no patience, you can download the update from here.
Source Engadget

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  1. Justin Timberlake
    May 04, 14:10 Reply

    … or you could load up CM7 nightly and the new 03may gapps and have audio chat on your N1. Just sayin’.

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