Sprint and Google Voice Integration Goes Live

If you have been waiting, Google just announced that their Sprint and Google Voice integration is now live. Should you choose to utilize this new functionality, you will have two options:

  • Keep your Sprint Number: Your Sprint number will be your Google Voice number
  • Replace your Sprint Number with your Google Voice Number: Your Google Voice number will become your actual Sprint phone number. Everything you do from your phone will display your Google Voice number.

In addition to the number changes, you will also use Google Voice’s voicemail instead of Sprint’s. Also, international calls will automatically go through Google Voice.

To get started, please follow this link. Please note that this service is exclusive to Sprint users.

Source: Google Mobile Blog


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  1. Mikkel Rasmussen
    May 03, 21:38 Reply

    Ow gee, u americans have it made. Where’s Google Voice for the bloody rest of us? OK, this was a very bad place to ask that question ;)

  2. Julie
    May 04, 00:53 Reply

    I enabled this yesterday and now every time I answer the phone I have to press one if I want to talk to the person that called. I wouldn’t answer my phone if I didn’t want to talk. I have had callers hang up before I could get to them. How do I stop this?

    • Lex Lybrand
      May 04, 01:11 Reply

      go to voice.google.com and edit your account settings. Sounds like you want to turn off ‘call presentation.’

      • Julie
        May 04, 01:43 Reply

        I cannot find any account settings to edit.

  3. Guest
    May 04, 15:42 Reply

    Awesome!! But what about Sprint minutes? Would they be used if I choose to keep my Google Voice number?

  4. If you sync you Sprint number to your Google voice account, all text message are sent via email and not to displayed on your your handset. Handcent SMS was useless after the sync. Unsynced my number, and now text messages arrive as expected.

    • nportelli
      May 05, 14:36 Reply

      When I used it before this didn’t happen. Don’t use Voice for text messages? Not sure how the partnership changes this.

      • Not sure either, I played around with the settings and just could not get texts to come through Handcent or the stock messaging app. I always got an email from Google Voice, telling me to log in and check my message. It does have a nice text interface, but I want my popup notifications just like Handcent.

  5. nportelli
    May 05, 14:35 Reply

    I had Google Voice hooked up before this when I used a rom without Sprint Voicemail. It worked well. But I do not want to give up my Google Voice number. And Google has no mechanism to transfer it to another Google account. Boo

  6. abe
    May 05, 17:45 Reply

    i use handcent edit settings on computer in google voice for it to work

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