Google IO App Arrives In Time for Annual Event

Headed to San Francisco next week to attend the annual Google IO conference?  Awesome, we’ll see you there!  Can’t make it in person, but want to keep close tabs on everything going down?  There’s an app for that.  Google dropped their official IO 2011 application into the Android Market yesterday and it’s a beauty.  Written with both phones and tablets in mind, it gives all the details one needs to stay informed and on track.  Features include the full schedule, detailed sessions w/ speaker information, Developer Sandbox companies and info, a real time search stream, and of course, a map. Thanks to integration with Catch, one can jot down notes and other details for later reference.


Google I/O 2011 as seen on a tablet
Google I/O 2011 as seen on a smart phone
  • Ianmccully

    cant wait too see what google and android have for us next thanks


  • Dave_smith

    Fastmob team will be there too!

  • good
    nice move and only in that way can google catch users’ trust

  • Doesn’t work: “incorrectly signed app” Shoddy work, Google!