Rumor: HTC Testing a Female-Centric Android Handset

Word on the street is that HTC is conducting a focus group with female users, trying to put together a knockout Android phone targeted at the ladies.  According to ThisIsMyNext, the Verizon smart phone currently carries a code name of ‘Bliss’ and features both physical tweaks as well as tailored software.  The color of the device is said to be somewhere between forest green and sea green and the back has a rubberized back so “women can have a better grip of the phone”.  Because their hands are made with different skin or something.  

In terms of software, the test devices have calorie-counting and shopping apps  pre-installed and a “calming” wallpaper.  We’re not sure if HTC is trying to stereotype their target audience here and scare off dudes altogether, but whatever.  Nothing a little rooting couldn’t fix anyways.

Possibly the weirdest feature here is that the Bliss has an accessory called the “charm indicator” which lights up to notify users of new messages, missed calls, etc.  Rather than pairing over Bluetooth, it attaches physically via a cord.  Were this to be wireless we could see plenty of people interested in such an accessory, but tethered and tangle-ready, probably not so much.

The charging dock is said to include built-in speakers and will automatically enable alarm mode when a user sets it down to charge.  And finally, there are matching Bluetooth headsets and a square-shaped speaker for car visors expected as well.

No word on when to expect the Bliss, assuming it ultimately does see the light of day.



  • I like my tech and I like it with the smallest most efficient footprint possible without forfeiting functionality. I am female, I am feminine and I’m offended that they think the dangling ‘gem’ or calorie counting is at the top of my list. Would be interesting to know what country the women polled are from, what age, etc… Wow!

    • Well I’m sure more females vs males are watching their calorie intake outside of the body building arena. So don’t be offended. Their just going with the trend.

      Also, females are quicker to trade looks for functionality, just saying…

  • sansenoy

    Isn’t every HTC phone tad feminine? It’s a big part of the appeal, personally, not having to deal with motorola’s adolescent marketing efforts and samsung’s kindergarten aesthetics. A phone built especially for women could be too much to swallow, though…

  • aitch83

    what a joke. as if i need a phone to calm me down (i have anger issues apparently) and to shop all day and stare at a glowing cube in awe. i bet a team of all men came up with this one. at least it’s not pink. please. phone developers please come up with innovation, not degradation, and nobody wants preinstalled free apps that we can get for ourselves.

    • It may not appeal to you but its a selling point any way you take it. The average technological consumer will walk into a phone store and listen to a rep tell them the pros and cons of each device. Some females will, more so those coming off of feature phones (aka dumb phones) will be ecstatic to hear it comes pre installed with a calorie counter.

      Should they be? No.
      Will they be? Yes.

  • Nice article.

  • it seems a good move
    but i think it’s just meaningless

  • I can see this being a best seller with guys

    • Lol depends on what kind of “guys” you hang out with lol.

  • Dr. Fill

    I am going to write an app that works as a mirror.

  • GrimeTime

    Not sure about the tether, but I can tell you that my wife would love the gem idea. She keeps her phone in one of those smallish purses, and never EVER looks to see if she has missed a call or has a new text message. (frustration from the husband intended) If there was something on the top of the phone to alert her of that, it would be awesome.

  • Mary Beth

    As much as I hate to admit it, I like the charm! 🙂

  • Aja

    I am a girl, and ironically, as I was laying down reading about the rubberized backing so women can get a better grip of the phone, I dropped my Nexus one on my face. Interesting.

  • If it can’t run CyanogenMod 7.0.3, this female ain’t buyin.